Terms & Conditions

We thought we'd better point out a few things, so we've listed everything we think needs clarification. If you're unsure of anything, then please contact us and we'll do our utmost to help.
All of the items made by Rudywilf are handmade. So when an item is sold out, there is no guarantee that more will be made. Don't worry though, lots of new items will be added as we go along.
As everything is handmade, no two items will be exactly the same but we think that adds to their attractiveness.
We will endeavour to ship within 24 hours but we are only small, and live in a mad house with 3 teenagers (and you know what they're like), 4 cats, a dog and 2 full time jobs. So please bear with us if your items take a little bit longer.
All shipping is based on Royal Mail pricing. If you want to place a large order, or purchase a large item from outside the UK, then contact us first and we can agree a shipping cost. 
Thanks again for visiting and shopping with Rudywilf.